• Holidays in Bordeaux ... Episode 1



    1 bellxone catch the sun

    Friday 25th 2007, 20h30 pm with Yorka... photoshoot cession on the "Dune du Pylat" This Sand Dune is located close very close  to Bordeaux. This is the biggest Dune in Europe and you know why when you are on its top ! sea, sunset, sand, sun and Bellxone... 5 elements reunited 4 shoots between heaven and reality, crossed by Art... Bellxone the art design Sparkle *** Since 1982.

    1 pyla bellxone

    Quand je vois ce cliche, je me demande bien ce que je suis venir chercher a Prague alors que j'ai ça chez moi ! la soif de culture l'emporte... mais l'etincelle retournera a sa source quoiqu'il en soit ! soon !

    1 pyla on air 3

    Non non vous etes pas en plein Tchad, il s'agit bien des environs de Bordeaux .. Open your eyes dear people of the world, Bordeaux is not only famous for his wine ! This land is naturally gifted and you can see it by you orwn eyes.

    1 pyla on air

    Petite modification pour ce cliche qui n'est pas noir et blanc a l'origine (vous pouvez le retrouver dans l'album "Dune Pylat 33" dans http://www.wistiti.fr/bellxone:bellxone mais cette couleur le rend completement hors du temps. Between Nostalgy and Timeless.

    1 pyla bordeaux

    Cap au sud .. du sable et le ciel !

    1 pyla on sky

    The digital Camera focused on the FarWest.... here is the sky, the sun flirting with clouds crossing the atlantic ocean and ready to rain on the land.

    1 pyla one

    Next to this text, Yorka on the first picture who made the photo of myslef (2)

    1 pyla yorka

    1 pylabellone

    (2) That's it ! hope you enjoyed ... the next pictures in a next episode about Toulouse and From the plane on the way back to Prague, Czech Republic ... coming absolutly very soon ! Beware of Bellxone and Follow the Sparkle, the Revolution Begins ! Le plaisir est le bonheur des fous, le bonheur est le plaisir des sages ! just think about it ! and make your own opinion


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  • Bellxone... Home, Holidays = Bordeaux & 24


    Hello evrybody ... as you could read it in the last article, the blog is sleeping until the 27th of May. Iam home for 2 weeks holidays ... so you have to be patient until my coming back in Prague, Czech Republic. Todays i was photoshooting a race in Dordogne, Eyliac... 130 kilometers next to Bordeaux. So Good to shoot at home ! See you all soon from Prague ...