• Havířov - Czech Republic

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    New design MIURA hotel offers accommodation with 44 rooms, including 4 Junior Suites and a Miura Suite And is located right on the 36-holes Golf Course Čeladná, where is taking place the European PGA Tour - Czech Open.
    This unique hotel concept offers unexpected connection of design, art, Miura SPA, golf and a nature in the heart of Beskydy Mountains - in Čeladná - Czech Republic

    >>> miura.cz <<<


    Have you ever stayed in the gallery?

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    Let´s come to Miura hotel and relax with Cuboid´s family created by David Černý. Be welcomed by Jean - Michel Basquiat at the reception. Have dinner with Damien Hirst and John Armleder. Enter into the deep blue world of Anish Kapoor. Be accompanied to your room by arts of Jiří Georg Dokoupil, astonishing Jason Martin or worthy of reflection Luca Pancrazzi. Relax at Miura Spa alongside spectacular works by Tony Cragg or Henry Moore. Have your business meeting alongside industrial work by Petr Pastrňák.

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    At the end of the day you can welcome night with glass of champagne and Andy Warhol.
    At the front desk  is an ART NAVIGATOR available for you. There you can find more information about the artists and their artworks.

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  • Sedliště - Czech Republic

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